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                                             African Methodist Episcopal Church Meaning:

The word African means that the church was organized by people of African descent and heritage. It does not mean that the church was founded in Africa, or that it was for persons of African descent only.

The church’s roots are of the family of Methodist churches. Methodism provides an orderly system of rules and regulations and places emphasis on a plain and simple gospel.

Episcopal refers to the form of government under which the church operates. It means that the church is governed by bishops. The chief executive and administrative officers of the African Methodist Episcopal denomination are the Bishops of the church.

AME Mission

The A.M.E. Church’s mission is to minister to the spiritual, social and physical development of all people by:

  1. Making God’s Biblical principles available

  2. Spreading the liberating gospel of Christ

  3. Providing continuing programs that will enhance the social development of all people

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